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Driving Licence for Over 70s

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 24 Jun 2020 | comments*Discuss
Driving Licence Age 70 70th Birthday

When a driver reaches the age of 70 their driving licence must be renewed.

If you wish to renew your driving licence at 70 you must complete the necessary paperwork and return it to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) well in advance of your 70th birthday. It is recommended that you do at least 90 days in advance.

The relevant forms you will need to complete and return are the: D46P (for paper licences) or the D46 (for photocard licences). Either of these applications can be sent to you prior to the expiry date on your licence and you should fill them out and return them including the necessary photographs and payment as soon as you can.

You generally only need to send photographs if you have never held a photocard licence. The fee for Photocard Renewals, is currently £20.

Change of Name

If you have changed your name since your licence was first issued - for example if you married or divorced and reverted to using your maiden name - you must make this known to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

Medical Issues

If you have for any reason been under the care of a doctor or consultant for reasons of ill health you must declare this to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). The DVLA can - if they feel there is need to do so - petition your doctor for information and if it is discovered that you have not declared any illness or condition which would prevent you from driving, your licence can be revoked.

If you are suffering from ill health that you should surrender your licence if the condition either prevents or makes it difficult for you - and consequently dangerous for you - to drive.

You must include with your application a declaration of your health status and if you are unable to do so - the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) may request information about your health without informing you.

Can I Continue to Drive?

Yes, you can continue to drive whilst you await the arrival of your new licence. If there are any circumstances such as a previous Disqualification to take into account, then you are not permitted to drive legally until the licence is returned to you. Driving without a licence while you're waiting for a renewal is permitted but you may find that if you are stopped by the police then the process can be slowed down while they check your details. Always carry your driving licence number with you.

You can pick up the relevant forms - D46P (for paper licences) and D46 (for photocard licences) from your local post office or local DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) office or you apply online via the direct gov site: www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring.

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In the same boat - licence expired Mar 2020, no reminder for renewal and I was ill Feb/Mar, then lockdown and shielded, then eventually hospitalised start of June. Won't renew the 3 year licence on-line, can't get through to DVLA. Haven't use car since Feb 2020 either, but need to visit sick relatives. Going round in circles.
neil - 24-Jun-20 @ 4:15 PM
My Dad will be 73 on 20th July and has not received his application renewal. Would you please be able advise if there is a delay due to Covid and advise what he needs to do? Thank you
Bec - 21-Jun-20 @ 6:06 PM
I have tried to renew my driving licence on line before my 73rd birthday. I do not have a UK passport. I have not received a renewal notice. The application fails because the photo needs to be renewed. According to the DVLA site the photo does not need to be renewed as they have extended that part of the process by 7 months from the expiry date. I am just going round in circles but can't contact the DVLA as I am not a critical worker. I wish to take advantage of the relaxed rules and drive a short distance for exercise puroposes etc. I do not want to go to a post office as the nearest one is a few miles away and means walking through streets and queueing thereby increasing my exposure risk. Help please?
Dedge - 11-Jun-20 @ 8:27 AM
Sent my driving license of to renew as lock down took place and haven’t had it back yet keep ringing no look can any one help
Quinney - 2-Jun-20 @ 4:55 PM
hi jack.. // looking for advice .. Hope you can assist .. mymum is 84 ..renewed her licence every 3 years .. so 5 times now since 70 ..just looked at her licence and its showing it runs out Aug 16 .. so he is not sure if he sent renewal. just cant remember ... What should he do .??? is this serious ?? martin / 8th mar 19
martin - 8-Mar-19 @ 8:42 PM
Hello I have a spanish driving license and i am moving back to the uk soon can i exchange the license back to english i'm 73 years old. Thanks.
rasher - 14-Jun-18 @ 11:45 AM
Colls10 - Your Question:
Help. My father past away 3 weeks ago after many years of suffering with dementia and going down hill badly. Very hard times for all of us, but to make it worse, my mum who is now alone in a remote village never renewed her license at 79. She is now 78. She could not face the stress of a test now. What can she do?? She will be house bound. Really worried for her. Her health is fine and has always driven until we found out. Advice please !!!!

Our Response:
She should be able to apply to renew it. DVLA may ask for a medical check at this stage.
YourDrivingLicence - 3-Oct-17 @ 2:48 PM
Help. My father past away 3 weeks ago after many years of suffering with dementia and going down hill badly . Very hard times for all of us, but to make it worse, my mum who is now alone in a remote village never renewed her license at 79. She is now 78. She could not face the stress of a test now. What can she do?? She will be house bound . Really worried for her . Her health is fine and has always driven until we found out. Advice please !!!!
Colls10 - 1-Oct-17 @ 7:40 PM
hi, I've tried to renew my nans driving licence however it comes up with illegible for this service, it gave my a gateway ID but every time I login to the account it just says illegible for this service. she's 82.
jess1212 - 6-Sep-17 @ 12:04 PM
A neighbour has just realised she needed to renew her licence but didn't get any reminder from DVLA and she's 75! What does she need to do?
Henry - 29-Dec-15 @ 8:14 AM
Did fill in form online to renew my photo license, but not heard anything. Thought I done alright?
uncle - 28-Oct-15 @ 11:40 AM
i have just turned 69, and im coming to the end of a 3 year driving ban for DD, will i be able to renew my licence in the normal way or, because im so close to 70 will i have to undergo any particlar process to regain my licence?
geegee - 21-Jul-15 @ 12:42 PM
just had a letter for me to send my driving licence to dvla and cut it in hafe ,I have sent it but did,nt cut it in hafe and its not been sent back what can I do ?
dinnie - 20-Jul-15 @ 12:34 PM
@jimbo. No there is no fee after 70.
YourDrivingLicence - 9-Dec-14 @ 12:21 PM
i have photo licence which i got on my 70th birthday i am 73 next year when iwill have to renew my licence is there a charge to renew it?
jimbo - 8-Dec-14 @ 7:49 PM
@Wiktor. You should have been renewing your licence every 5 years since the age of 45. Information is here.
YourDrivingLicence - 17-Nov-14 @ 11:25 AM
I am 70 next February I have to apply for a new licence but I still work full time and drive a 7.5 ton truck it states that I will have to apply for a truck licence do I have to take a test for this I no I have to have a medical and eye sight check
Wicktor - 16-Nov-14 @ 10:17 AM
@ricky. He could try applying using D46P application form/reminder that he was sent. If that doesn't work he will need to apply by post using the D1 driving licence application (available from the post office)
YourDrivingLicence - 17-Oct-14 @ 10:38 AM
Hi my father in law renewed his license at 70 and after cleaning a cupboard we have found a reminder to reapply but this letter was dated for almost a year ago how does he stand and what should I do to correct the matter many thanks Richard.
ricky - 16-Oct-14 @ 4:58 PM
Forgive me if I sound smug, but I'm 70 on Dec 26th 2014 and have renewed my driving licence with no trouble at all and at no cost other than a second class stamp to return my old photo card and paper counterpart. I renewed online using the Government Gateway ID I was given and received my new licence today - 7 days after I applied for it. Points to remember are: 1. Make sure you're within the 90 day cut off period. 2. Provide your driver number, NI number and passport number. 3. Failure to comply with points 1 and 2 will result in rejection. Best of luck everyone.
Jack the lad - 6-Oct-14 @ 3:21 PM
@tbk. You have to apply to the DVLA to renew you licence now you're past 70:
Tel: 0300 790 6801
Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm or Saturday, 8am to 2pm
YourDrivingLicence - 16-Sep-14 @ 9:49 AM
I turned 70 whilst living in Australia, I am now 77 andhave returned to live in UK can you tell me if I am able to renew my old licence.
tbk - 12-Sep-14 @ 11:36 PM
@shirl. Does that not depend on how long ago your friend was disqualified?
Beth - 28-Aug-14 @ 12:35 PM
My friend was banned DUI and she us 71 now what does she have to do to be able to drive again
shirl - 14-Aug-14 @ 12:30 AM
My drivers license expired 5 years ago can I still renew them to
kali - 7-Aug-14 @ 10:53 PM
@biker. No idea sorry, you should be able to renew online so there must be some other reason as to why you are not able to do so. You can call DVLA on: 0300 790 6801. Lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm and also on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm.
YourDrivingLicence - 23-Jul-14 @ 1:49 PM
Not received renewal form D46, but know I have to renew licence as I will be 73 in early August. Attempting to renew online but after entering Government Gateway ID it tells me I am 'not eligible for this service'. Any idea why that might be?
biker - 23-Jul-14 @ 10:57 AM
@None. Have you received your driving licence renewal pack? You should be able to renew with the number including in that, plus your existing driving licence number (unless you have medical conditions etc). Otherwise, your National insurance number can be found on your salary slip or benefits documentation. Alternatively contact HMRC and they will be able to tell you your NI number. Keep it somewhere memorable after that as you're bound to need it again! Best of luck with the renewal.
YourDrivingLicence - 2-Jul-14 @ 2:08 PM
Just like geoff who commented on 21 February 2014, I was caught out applying for my over 70 car licence renewal on line.I took this option as it was suggested it would save paperwork.I paid £85 without realising the renewal was free.Easy money I guess from those of us who are in the advanced years category.
wills - 2-Jul-14 @ 11:12 AM
I wish to renew my driving licence, which has to be done by 14th September.I cannot get any useful information and do not know my National Insurance Number, nor do I have a valid password as all my details were destroyed in a house fire earlier this year.As I live 2 miles from the shops it is essential that I obtain a licence if I am to exist satisfactorily. So far the DVLA has been unable to help me in an understandable way and I am becoming increasingly anxious about all this. PLEASE HELP ME! Many thanks in anticipation of a helpful and positive reply. James Tilly
none - 2-Jul-14 @ 9:07 AM
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