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New Drivers Act

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 4 Sep 2019 | comments*Discuss
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The New Drivers Act (1995) is effectively a probationary period of two years after passing your driving test.

If you accumulate 6 or more penalty points during the two years immediately following your driving test then you will lose your driving licence. You will then have to re-apply and pay for, a provisional licence and re-sit (and pass) all parts of the driving test in order to regain a full driving licence.

If you have moved here from another country (where you already held a non UK licence) and need to take the Driving Test here to gain your licence, the same rules apply for the two years after getting your UK licence.

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about the New Drivers Act:

Can I Appeal?

If your licence is taken off you under the New Drivers Act, you cannot appeal in the courts to have it reinstated. You can however appeal again the convictions that led you to receive the points in the first place. Once you've accepted a fixed penalty though, you cannot appeal against it. If you do appeal, you will be able to keep your licence until the appeal process is complete.

Will I Be Told That I Am Losing My Licence?

The process of losing your licence is completely automatic. You will not receive any warning from the DVLA, the police or the courts.

How Do I Get My Licence Back?

To get you licence back you will have obtain a provisional driver's licence and then apply to take your Theory, Hazard Perception and Driving Tests in the normal way. The current fee for renewing your licence after revocation under the New Drivers Act is £50. The test fees are £30 for the theory test and between £62 and £75 for the practical test (for cars).

Can I Drive Without L Plates?

No, if you've had your licence taken off you under the New Drivers Act, you'll have to drive with L plates and be accompanied by another driver over the age of 21 who has held a licence for a minimum of three years. You must continue to do this until you have regained your full driver's licence.

What if I Get More Points After Getting My Licence Back?

If you have regained your licence after losing it under the New Drivers Act, the two year probationary period does not apply a second time. Any points you have accrued will be added to your reinstated licence and will remain on the licence for a period of three years, after which time they are removed. If you get to more than 12 points in three years your licence will again be revoked for a minimum of six months.

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How do aye go about getting ma driving license back after a ban
Matthew Imrie - 4-Sep-19 @ 12:29 PM
I have a provisional license with 7 points on it.Can i take my driving test? Also according to Directgov, offence code LC20 carries points from 3-6 how do i have 7 for this offence? My driving instructor does not know.
j - 26-Jul-12 @ 11:49 PM
hi, I aquired an HGV class 1 licence in April 2008, how long does this licence last?
LEESY - 1-May-11 @ 11:45 AM
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