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I Regained My Driving Licence After Disqualification: A Case Study

By: Sally Aquire - Updated: 27 Mar 2019 | comments*Discuss
Driving Licence Disqualification Offence

When Shane (26) had his driving licence revoked after clocking up six penalty points in two years, he was understandably upset that he had let it get to that stage. Here, he reveals how it felt to regain his driving licence after being disqualified from driving.

Driving Offences

Shane's driving licence was revoked after he clocked up six points within the first two years of passing his practical driving test and receiving his driving licence. Under the New Drivers Act, new drivers are automatically disqualified from driving if they receive six or more penalty points within two years of passing the practical driving test.


After being notified of his disqualification, Shane had to Surrender his Driving Licence and appeared in court: "I had to hand my driving licence into my local police station for them to send off to the DVLA or court. I appeared in court and was given a six month ban, a fine of £300 and was ordered to reapply for my provisional driving licence and retake my theory and practical tests once my ban was lifted".

It didn't take Shane long to feel the effects of being without a driving licence. He says, "Losing my driving licence was a massive blow. You don't realise how much you need and depend on your car. Losing my driving licence made me feel like I had lost all of my independence and freedom, and made even everyday trips seem complicated".

Regaining His Driving Licence

Two years after first being disqualified, Shane has been able to regain his driving licence after resitting his Theory and Practical Driving Tests. Six months after his disqualification, he was granted permission to reapply for a provisional driving licence so that he could resit both tests. After successfully doing so, he was highly relieved to pass both tests and be granted a new driving licence. As it was a brand new driving licence that he received, the offending penalty points were wiped off and he started again with a clean driving licence.

Now that he has his new driving licence, Shane is adamant that he has learnt his lesson the hard way: "I would never risk losing my driving licence again, and I appreciate it a thousand times more now because I know what it feels like to have it taken away".

Changing His Driving Style

Losing his driving licence has had a positive effect on Shane's driving style, especially in relation to the speeding offences that resulted in his driving licence being revoked: "I am now very cautious and don't ever break the speed limit. I always drive with care and look out for changing speed limit signs".

Speaking from his own experiences of disqualification, Shane has the following advice for other drivers: "I would advise anyone who does not think about speeding or fails to treat speed limits seriously to stop taking their licence for granted. You may think that it doesn't matter and that you won't get caught, or that it is funny having a race with your mates but in the end, it will be you that loses out. The speed limits are there for reasons of safety, not just so fines can be handed out. Having a driving licence and a car is a privilege and you never realise how much until it is taken away from you - not only do you lose your right to drive, but you also lose your freedom and independence".

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This happened to me over 15 years ago over a very stupid trivial case (had switched car and not updated my insurance, and police did a routine stop on my 5 minute journey to shift my car). It completely ruined my life and I've never got it back. It seriously affected my finances as it meant I lost my job and also restricted the type of work I could do. Public transport was far more expensive than driving and I spent a very long time living on the breadline because of public transport. My work sees me needing to travel all over the country. No problem with a hire car, but relying on public transport its taxis here, missed trains and buying new tickets there. These are the hidden costs that can destroy normal peoples lives. Your average thicko speeding about in cars with no insurance and no license does not have these sort of worries, yet in the eyes of the law you are treated the same. I've also never got my license back, I have spent a fortune in "one day pass" things online but always seem to get ripped off. Every time I save up a bit of money to get my license back I take a lesson and the instructor realises he isn't going to be able to milk me for money for lessons because I've been driving for 15 years with L plates and my wife in the passenger seat. Each year its becoming increasingly difficult to unlearn 15 years of driving habits. I know many people who would fail a test today. I need to take a theory test every 2 years which is more money down the drain, surprisingly I failed the last time, not on the questions but on the hazard perception. One video I felt I was far too slow, but i actually scored a 4, so i imagine I was too fast for the others hence scoring 0 on some clips. It seems having quick reaction times does not allow you to pass your test. Maybe explains why I see so many puzzling crashes on the road these days, they'll let anyone pass their test, just not me it seems. The DVLA is an absolute horrible place to visit these days aswell, the last time I was there I was treated like scum and like I was going into prison, I'm there to sit a theory test not be bossed around by idiots and treated like scum. Again I imagine one or two sad individuals have caused upset and everyone else gets treated the same. This is the absolute worst thing that can happen to some people, I have watched my children grow up while their dad is unable to take them anywhere if mum isn't around to be in the car (hint, she works weekends, 50 miles away from home). Yes their life was fun. I also couldn't afford to take them by bus anywhere because I had to make sure I had enough money to travel with work. The worst thing is I went back to the police the following day after being stopped with my insurance documents showing that everything was in order. I managed to stall the court case for months aswell so was able to legally drive perfectly for a long time before they eventually hit me with the points. If they had just given me a warning and told
No Car - 27-Mar-19 @ 2:50 PM
If someone else borrows or took your car without your permission and over speeds with it what is the consequences of the car owner?
Chris - 26-Feb-19 @ 2:15 PM
I hav been band for 9months when my band is over do I loose my l.g.v
boss - 29-Sep-14 @ 8:18 PM
After having my license "revoked" for a year because of a medical condition I had to fight for 5 months to get it back and then it is only valid for a year. DVLA are robbing people with this "stealth tax" I have a previously clean license for 30 years. Daylight robbery !!
Red - 22-Aug-14 @ 9:02 AM
When you are banned from driving for however long you loose your licence! This means you no longer have a licence hence you have to take your tests again to get it, just like before you did your test. You cant appeal this, that's just how it is; it is the consequence of whatever you did to loose it. As for insurance, a ban or 6 points or particularly both will be expensive on your insurance, you may not see it as fair, but again is a consequence of you driving. Points stay on for 3 years if you are banned or not
BURT - 10-Apr-13 @ 1:30 PM
i was banned for 3yrs for dangerous driving and given a £200 fine. my ban is up but when i received my licence back it was only a provisional. before i lost my licence i had been driving for just under 4yrs why would i have to resit my test again. when i was at court the judge never said i would have to resit. can i appeal the decision and who would the appeal be lodged with the courts or dvla
dubz - 28-Feb-13 @ 11:26 PM
I was in the same position gettin 6 points in first to year i went to court An they told me i cud retake both test agen and fined me.. straight away whn i sent of for my provisional i never got.bannd.an my points r still on my license so ny insurance is sky high!! How is that fair ?
emmalou - 20-Jul-12 @ 12:19 PM
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